10 Step Guide to Online Reputation Management for a Business

What is Online Reputation Management?

Significant online presence drives more traffic, as a result of which business grows. Online reputation management (ORM) is a concept in which the behavior of a business is examined. During planning for ORM, marketers analyze the perception of the products and services in the public domain. How are people responding to a particular business? Whether they are positive or not? These types of analysis are made, and correspondingly team prepares a plan of action. Moreover, businesses are spending a tremendous amount maintaining their online reputation. Because if it is not extraordinary, people will never trust you.

Also, the pandemic situation has increased the potential of online platforms. Nowadays, 90% of the activities are being done online. Even the education system has adapted the concept of e-learning, and students are given online classes. The consultation with doctors is now online. There are lots of examples that we see in our day-to-day life. The covid-19 has introduced a new world that is surrounded by digital space.

Moreover, online presence is not everything as you need to maintain the business reputation as well. It is because here the competition will be more because of the local and global vendors. Hence through online reputation management, you will chance to drive more traffic towards your business. Always offer the most reliable services so that you could get positive reviews

Furthermore, reviews and ratings are the most essential elements in order to have a remarkable online presence. The solid presence of a business on online platforms, keeps it distinguished from others. Also, we have seen many individuals who don’t give preference to ORM. They find it worthless, but by ignoring online reputation management, they are making the biggest mistake. No matter whatever business you have, the reputation should always be maintained.

Power of Online Reputation Management

Before going to the power of ORM, let have an example. If we go for holidays, we book resorts or hotels depending upon the requirement. But before confirming the bookings, we check reviews and ratings of the particular destination. After getting satisfied, we confirm our booking. If any negative impact comes, we start looking for any other option. It is the real power of ORM, where leads are dependent upon your reputation.

Now you must have understood the significance of online reputation management. Let’s have a quick view on the strengths of ORM:

  • Drives Traffic
  • Generates more inquiries
  • Increases lead conversions
  • Offers consistent growth
  • Maintains business reputation
  • Increases overall revenue

Hence maintaining an online reputation is a must for all businesses.

Three Elements of Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management includes three major elements that we are explaining in this section. It brings productivity and constant growth to businesses. Quik Cursor always keeps the fundamental elements into consideration while starting the implementation of online reputation management. As a result, we have given impressive results to its clients. Hence, if you are planning for ORM, do not forget to implement them.

Building Reputation of a Brand: Our process starts with building the reputation of a business. It is done by creating various awareness campaigns. Moreover, the activity becomes mandatory if the business is a start-up.

Maintaining the Reputation: Achieving something is fine, but sustaining the same is always challenging. Hence, after building the reputation, we make sure to maintain an outstanding online reputation so that businesses could get the required traffic consistently

Recovery of Reputation: There is a bitter truth “You cannot make everyone happy”. Being into the business domain, we should be ready to accept the negatives as well. It is ok to receive negative reviews, but we should work on it appropriately. Our digital marketing experts handle negative reviews carefully and give them a positive direction.

Steps for Online Reputation Management for a Business:

Here we are mentioning the guidelines for proper online reputation management for a business. As stated above, ORM has the power to increase the net worth of your business. So change your business dynamics by following the given strategies.

1. Listen to your consumers: As we know, the customer is the real boss. Your business is nothing without consumers, and we need to accept it. Sometimes, people make some changes to their businesses with any innovative idea just by assuming people will like it. But there is no guarantee of liking. Hence there is a need to listen to what your client wants. If the implementations are done by following their demands, it will be super successful for sure. Hence for a positive reputation, you must make a habit of listening to your consumers.

2. Spread awareness: Let the world know about you. The businesses should have massive reach, and only then online reputation management can be maintained. A limited range of audiences stops the growth of a business. Hence keep running awareness campaigns so that the world could know about your initiatives, achievements, and offerings. Also, business awareness is an integrated part of online reputation management.

3. Keep yourself real & authentic: That era has gone where customers were attracted through imaginary concepts. In the present scenario, as technology is growing, people are also becoming aware of everything. It is not easy to grab a client’s attention just by showing some beautiful stuff on the internet. Hence being trustworthy, and genuine is the demand of the time. Always show the real side of your business. It helps the audience to connect. Also, as you know the rate of competition is too high that we can not even imagine. If you are not transparent and honest with your client, he has another 100 vendors waiting. Hence never try to be smart before clients. Be real and authentic

4. Quality client service: Quality client service is a key element that has the power to maintain your business reputation. Have you ever realized why some businesses have acquired name and fame within the very least time? It is because of quality client service. Every user is behind the quality, and he runs where he finds it. For example, a quality car washer will have more clients, no matter if the prices are high. Dining outlets serving delicious food will have customers in the queue even if the dishes have premium prices. It all happens because of quality. So, guys, always focus to deliver quality, and you will see the difference.

5. Quick resolution:

In this world, nothing is perfect, and the same goes for technology as well. It is the reason companies form a dedicated section to support the clients. So, whenever a user faces any issue could contact the support department. Now the problem is that sometimes users do not get the required solutions on time. Even sometimes, delays are too long, and they become fed up. Such things bring negative impacts.

Hence businesses seeking online reputation management should always attend to their existing consumers on priority. They should make sure to offer a quick resolution. By being in the industry for a decade, we know, when quick support is given, your client will not go anywhere else. They are also human beings, and they know things can go wrong, but when they get immediate resolution, they feel happy and positive.

6. Implement digital marketing

We have seen many businesses that do not want digital marketing for their business. It is so because they think they are doing good in offline mode. This mindset is the main reason for the lag of a business. See, opportunities can be anywhere. There is no harm in being online. Preferably you will get more visibility, and people will trust you more easily.

We are in a digital space, and digital marketing is essential, no matter whatever your business is. With a digital presence, you are letting people know about your foundation, products, and services. Also, online reputation management is dependent upon digital marketing, so one should definitely have a concrete online presence across all social media channels and search engines.

7. Share reviews When a business starts getting references, it means it is doing really well. Being end users, we always see what other users are saying about any product or service. We take reference from their feedback and then decide either to take or reject the service. So businesses should make sure, to take positive reviews from their clients and share them publicly so those arriving consumers could know. Positive client reviews do magic with the businesses and immediately take them to the next level.

8. Monitor your ORM: Keeping an eye on the reputation of a business is significant because it makes future planning easy. Also, maintaining a reputation demands continuous effort. And to get better results, we should constantly monitor the ORM report of a business. Additionally, by analyzing the ORM report, marketers get a clear picture of the output of their activities.

9. Handle Negative Reviews: Negative reviews can come to your platform in any form. It may be because of wrong delivery, misbehave, or competitors. Once in a while, negative reviews come because nothing can always be good or positive. But we should always tackle these negative reviews with complete care. Also, business owners and marketers should make sure to keep the count of the negative reviews minimal or lower.

10. Think out of the box: The reputation of a business achieves a positive response when it keeps offering something unique, creative, and demanding. Hence businesses should always give some loyalty to their consumers. The loyalty programs encourage users to come to you, and as a result, companies get opportunities. So always design some user-specific creative concepts.