New trends in Video Marketing 2021

Video Marketing has always been in trend, but the pandemic has shown its real power. Also, video marketing has increased the wavelength of businesses during the most crucial phase of the era. Further, the post-pandemic situation is well known to all of us. And businesses are moving rapidly towards digital space as video marketing is proving to be the most powerful tool. People have recognized its strength, and as per the researchers, video marketing will trend in 2021 and in the coming years as well..

Before 5 years down the line, only 50% of businesses were doing video marketing. Now more than 85% of businesses are promoting their products and services through this creative marketing strategy. It really gives a clear signal about the future of video marketing.

Furthermore, Quik Cursor always believes in moving ahead with the evolving technologies and trends. Also, this attitude keeps us different from the rest of the digital marketing companies. Being a true partner, we always make variations to the marketing approaches and bring out the best.

Also, you must know the craziness of the people for Instagram reels and other types of videos. Within few seconds, things go viral. So, from here you can estimate the power of videos. It catches attention immediately and hence became the most trending marketing concept. In the same series, here we are sharing the new trends in video marketing 2021 so that people could know about it

Based on research, 85% of the audience watched videos in the year 2020 which was 64% in the year 2016. There is massive growth in the range of audiences. Also, youths are preferring videos rather than reading texts, etc. Hence if you are planning for your business promotions, make sure to follow video marketing.

Video marketing works independently of the nature of a business. Whether you have an E-commerce platform or Real Estate business, or any other, video marketing will do wonders for you. It is the digital world, and people are watching videos with lots of enthusiasm.

Apart from that, only creating and publishing videos is not enough. As we all know, the world is too competitive, and your competitors are there who will not leave a single opportunity to push you behind. Hence, follow the new trends of video marketing 2021 so that no one could beat you.

As we know, various marketing assets such as Testimonials, Social Media Images, Magazines, etc. You will be really amazed by knowing that all these mediums can be created in the format of videos. It will give you a more comprehensive number of impressions because videos are always given priority.

Keep one thing in mind while creating videos, they must be short, simple, innovative, creative, and engaging. Also, the video should deliver some message with which your targeted audience could connect.

Those who update their businesses with time and demand, always grow.

Trends in Video Marketing 2021

Knowing trending concepts will help you to get more business exposure. By keeping this in mind, we are sharing the leading trends in Video Marketing 2021. If you are doing video marketing and the results are not as per your expectation, please check whether you are missing something.

Keep Focus on short videos: Short videos earn prompt attention, and they are in trend and continue to be. The notion of short videos came into existence by Instagram reels now became a viral marketing strategy. Further, people are assuming for the implementation of monetization on these reels, and if this happens in reality, the concept of short videos will definitely boom the market.

Apart from that, if you are looking to increase the visibility of your products and services, go for short videos. Make sure to create high-resolution videos so that people could visualize them properly. We have seen many leading product-based companies who create short videos and publish them on social media channels. So, short videos have the potential to increase leads, sales, and revenue for your business in the year 2021

User-based videos: If your videos are created as per the mindset of the users, it gets an immediate response.

For example, suppose you are looking for home décor items. An engaging video showing home décor will make you anxious to see it. Why is it so? It happens because you get something as per your requirement. Hence if the content of the video is user-based, it will deliver quick results.

The concept of user-based videos is considered, as, one of the leading trends of 2021. Also, it is supposed to grow in the coming years as well. Moreover, as per the research, user-based videos get 10 times more views than any generic video. And, the chance of lead conversion is higher here. Hence if you are planning for digital marketing, make sure to implement this leading video marketing trend in 2021.

Give preference to the educational and training videos: We all are pretty well aware of the Covid-19 situation where employees are allowed to work from home, and teachers are instructed to take online classes. Even the sessions for Dance, Music, Yoga, Gym, etc. are being taken online. People are doing deals through video conferencing.

This means more or less, everything was limited to online interaction only. In such a situation, the worth of educational and training videos had increased a lot. Now, E-learning is one of the evolving trends of video marketing in 2021. There is a huge surge of approximately 36% in E-learning, and it is anticipated to go higher by the coming time. Also, E-learning saves lots of infrastructural costs that is also the reason for its exposure.

Advertisement Videos: While seeing something on YouTube, we all get the option “Skip Ads”. We know most of us do not want advertisements to be displayed in the mid of our favorite videos. Actually, companies promote their brands through advertisement videos, as they spend a good amount on this. It is the reason we often get to see paid advertisements in the form of videos on leading social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, etc. Here comes a big proof. In the year 2020, a total investment of $9.95 billion is made on video advertisements. In 2021, so far $11.24 billion is spent. The analysis is taken from Statista 2019. Here you have seen the growth within one year only, and 2021 is still here. So, from here, one can estimate the worth of paid video advertisements. While planning for the marketing campaigns, companies keep their funds reserved only for video advertisement because they know the output will be magnificent.

Marketing Videos for Social Media: Social Media are the only platform where we get huge traffic which is not possible anywhere else. What does your business need? It is simple, traffic. And smart people always promote their businesses on social media. Now you have some strong platforms to promote your businesses, but your competitors are also here. So, you are required to do something unique and creative to lead. Videos are the best ways to promote a business on social media.

While making videos of social media, put user-specific content. Do not stretch it too long because no one has time to watch the lengthy videos. Promote the videos on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, YouTube, and Whatsapp.

LinkedIn Marketing is gaining lots of attention, and marketers are doing it aggressively. One should also leverage the advantage by publishing engaging videos on LinkedIn. Large-scale business promotion helps you to get more leads, and as a result, business grows. And you get a chance to change the dynamic of your venture.

Live Streaming and Live Videos: Live streaming or live videos are in trend as well. Here we get unfiltered communication and real-time experience about any product or service or anything. So live streaming is one of the leading concepts through which brand promotion can be done. Also, as we know, clients go where they find transparency, and during the live video session, they get practical experience about the brand.

Also, during this marketing strategy, marketers should prepare themselves properly because you never know what the user will ask. So, research well and represent the brand convincingly. Any silly mistake can be a blunder. Hence always plan, prepare user-based content and then go live.

Final Conclusion These are the major trends in video marketing in 2021. Actually, video marketing has brought a new era to the digital marketing world. Now no one wants to read content or see images etc. People are giving priority to the videos because they complete the demonstration. And we know demonstrations are advantageous because we understand them from the very basic level. Also, demonstrations fit into the mind easily and make use more knowledgeable. It is the reason nowadays Video Marketing is everywhere.

So, if you are ignoring video marketing, start working on it from today itself. We have a dynamic and creative team here with us at Quik Cursor. Feel free to get in touch for any kind of free consultation. Happy to help now and forever. Stay safe and stay healthy.