The latest trend of doing SEO using Google's new Title tag update

Google's new title tag update

As we all know, Google keeps updating its algorithm to offer a better search experience to its visitors. And currently, in the month of August 2021, the latest announcement is made for title tags. SEO experts are very well aware of the title tag that plays an important role in improving the ranking of a website.

So far, Google does modifications to the "Meta Description" to make the search precise and close to the query. The fundamental concept behind the approach is to highlight the relevant content. Your content may have valuable information, but the written Meta Description is unable to do the justification. Hence Google modifies the meta descriptions based on the content and reflects the same in the search results.

As we have written above, a new update is announced by Google in which they do the changes in the title tag like they do in meta descriptions. Also, it is not mandatory that all the titles will be changed. Changes will be done where the content is found to be precise, and the title is not aligned with it. This approach is beneficial for both parties. Visitors will get the required content or information, and the publisher will get more visibility.

Fundamental behind the title tag update Many of us are confused by this new update. We think all the titles will be changed from time to time. But this will not be the case. Either your title will remain the same or it will be changed for better results. If the content and title both are appropriate, Google will not make any kind of changes. But if your title is giving some other message and content is relevant to the search query, in this case, the title tag will be updated. Also, there is no harm in it. If your written title is unable to drive traffic to your website, Google will do the same for you. The algorithm is written to generate accurate search results, and end-users could get more relevant information.

Moreover, if you do not want your title tag to be updated, keep an eye on all the pages of the website. Make sure to create the most relevant title tag for your website pages. Apart from that, there is no need to do keyword stuffing during planning for title tags. Once you fix all the title tags, cross-check on the search page of Google. If the appearance and the text are appropriate, go for it otherwise, make the required changes.

Furthermore, SEO is all about maintaining the ranking of a website across search engines. To achieve the highest possible ranking, sometimes marketers do spam, etc. which is never appreciated. The pages might get a good ranking for a while but eventually, they will be blacklisted forever. This is the reason, Google keeps changing its algorithm to generate accurate results. The policy makes Google the king of the world.

Why has Google implemented the new algorithm for Title tag?

Quik Cursor is one of the leading Search Engine Optimization companies in Canada and we always keep ourselves updated with the latest approach of digital marketing strategies. We have received many queries for the newly updated algorithm in regards to the title tag. Lots of people are still wondering the reason because of which the new algorithm has been implemented. If you are the one who is still unknown to the fact, read out our given section

As we all know, the title is one of the most important parts of your content and if it does not reflect the gist of your entire content, it is worthless. In most cases, it has been analyzed that in spite of having relevant content, sometimes the ranking of that page goes down. It happens because of

  • Irrelevant title tag
  • Keyword stuffed title tag.
  • Very long or very short title.

You can understand the same with the help of an example.

Suppose you have a business website in which one page is of “Blogs”. Now, to get a better ranking or visibility, sometimes marketers put the tile as “Blog Page” which is quite irrelevant because people know a website has pages, and there is no need to highlight. Hence “Blog” is enough as a title.

Apart from that, we have seen many SEO persons who keep the length of the title too long. The intention behind it is keyword stuffing. They do it for the sake of better visibility at all the search engines. Also, longer titles do not appear properly on the search engines. Visitors overlook those pages because they are unable to connect with the title.

Furthermore, Google is the most used and trusted search engine. And for offering the best services, their algorithms are updated from time to time. In the same series, they have taken the step to alter the title tag if the title of the page does not match its content. Previously Google is doing the same thing meta description.

Also, if you are thinking, Google will always modify the title tag, it is wrong. Changes to the title tag will be done only on limited pages. 80% of websites will remain with their own title tags as per the latest notification

What should you do for the Title Tags?

Being your trusted SEO service provider, we at Quik Cursor always guide you the best. Whenever you plan for SEO activities, always go for organic methods. There is no need to run behind keyword stuffing. It is outdated now. So come out of your traditional approach and make your title relevant to the mentioned content. Here we are sharing tips and tricks for title tags:

  • Always select the best title that matches the content
  • The title should be interactive and result-oriented
  • You should not do keyword stuffing.
  • The length of the title should not be very long or very short
  • Do not use repetitive words such as Home Page, Blog Page, etc.
  • For better search engine optimization, keep it simple like Home, Blog, etc